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Learn... to develop your own positive parenting approach to raise children of outstanding character, build loving family relationships and create inspiring memories to last a lifetime.

You may be asking…"How do I do this?… or, What's in this site for me?"

Well!…. if you're looking to develop good parenting skills that lead to an exciting and fulfilling family life... you have come to the right place.

...You will find it all here!

Welcome to:

The Positive Parenting Centre

We Believe

Your children are a blessing, more precious and valuable than anything in this world and must be cherished, their innocence protected, and every opportunity for a positive and successful life be afforded to them.

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"What gift has Providence

bestowed on man

that is so dear to him

as Children?"


It is truly important to understand that...

You have only one chance in this life to raise your child.

All of the gold in the world, or tea in China, cannot buy back time, or those fruitful opportunities…

There is simply no going back!… So!... do it right the first time…..

----"With Passion"----

Our Philosophy

By our human and natural parental instinct, we feel a need to coddle our children and hand them life on a silver platter, or feed them from the proverbial silver spoon.

As compassionate and well intended this may seem, we do our children a huge injustice.

There is an old saying….. "If you feed a man a fish… he is fed for the day. If you teach him to fish… you feed him for life".

At "The Positive Parenting Centre", we believe you must teach your children to fish……"So to Speak!".

We will guide you in teaching your children:

The Life Skills To:

Build the self confidence to advocate for themselves in life

Not be afraid to make mistakes; but!…learn from them

Expect disappointments in life, and overcome adversity

Develop a positive outlook toward everything in life

Be the best they can be in all life's endeavors

Understand and practice financial concepts at an early age

Develop an attitude that inspires a thirst for knowledge

Develop physical and healthy eating habits early in life

Dream big, set goals and live their dreams

Hand making heart around family

"Teach them"

"Coach them"

"Mentor them"

Most of all...

Love Them

Building A Strong & Loving Family

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"Good parenting skills are the very essence in developing building blocks that create a strong, happy and supportive family unit"

- Stephen C Walton -

Some of the topics you will unearth
as our site develops

Define and create your own personal parenting style

Clarify family values and build a solid foundation

Protect your family from life's negative influences

Build strong character attributes in your children

Implement "Positive Discipline" in your parenting approach

Sports and the positive values they bring to your children

Promote the positive values of music to your children

Positive book reviews and our suggested readings for the entire family

Ideas for fun family projects and bonding activities

Family fun activities, games & recreation ideas for the entire family

You Must Make The Time For Those Special Moments

Happy family walking on beach

"Our greatest danger in life is in permitting the urgent things to crowd out the important"

--Charles E. Hummel--

Our site is in its early development stages.

We ask that you Bookmark us and follow our progress.

We hope you enjoy future visits to: The Positive Parenting Centre

Thank you,

Steve & Wendy Walton :)

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