Childrens Books
About Feelings

By Stephen Walton

An Important Parental Responsibility

Children's books about feelings need to be in every parenting toolbox. Here are three essential responsibilities with positive parenting.

  • Assure your child that mixed feelings & emotions are a normal part of life. 
  • Teach them how to understand and accept their feelings.
  • Guide them in the positive expression and handling of those feelings

& emotions.

These are very challenging responsibilities, even as adults we seem to spend a large part of our lives coming to grips with our own feelings and emotions, and many never do. 

By reading childrens books about feelings your child will understand they are not alone in their feelings, they will develop empathy with the characters and learn to develop diverse ways of dealing with their own emotions.

In assisting your efforts, we have recommended the following children's books about feelings to help your child level out their tracks of the ride on their "Emotional Roller Coaster "

(Our present list is somewhat limited, check back for frequently for updates).

Recognizing Feelings

The Way I Feel

"Commissions Earned"

This thought provoking book will help your child put a name to the many feelings and emotions they often go through. It is well written in a whimsical and rhyming form, expressing such feelings as; fear, anger, disappointment, jealousy, and some positive emotions like happiness, thankfulness and pride.

Articulately written and illustrated by Janan Cain to help your child understand we all have different feelings that come and go, good feelings as well as bad.  The book will stimulate an opportunity for you to help your child recognize and deal with his/her emotions. Ages 2 to 8

  (click picture for USA orders
or the text link below for Canadian orders)

The Way I Feel

Sometimes I Feel Sunny

"Commissions Earned"

This fun and colourful picture book explores the many emotions children go through in any given day.  It takes you from the highs to lows, ups and downs that all children experience. They learn that sunny days and grumpy days are all part of life. The story ends with a warm loving bedtime kiss to make everything just right.

It is exceptionally written by Gillian Shields, illustrated by George Birkett and is  geared to ages 2 to 5       (click picture for USA orders
or the text link below for Canadian orders)

Sometimes I Feel Sunny

Anger Management

When I Feel Angry

"Commissions Earned"

This is a cute story is of a little bunny who recounts many things that cause him to feel angry but realizes that by acting negatively on his feelings will only get him in trouble.  He discovers some simple and effective ways of coping with his emotions.

The story helps children to understand that it's alright to feel angry at times, that we all need to find ways to control our emotions in a positive way. The book provides an excellent opportunity for parents to initiate positive dialogue in anger management.

This is one in a series of "The Way I Feel Books" emotionally written by Cornelia Maude Spelman.  This particular one was expressively illustrated by Nancy Cote.  Suggested ages 2 to 7

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When I Feel Angry

Mouse Was Mad

"Commissions Earned"

An entertaining and delightful story about a tiny mouse learning to control his anger.  As his friends the hare, bear, bobcat and hedgehog demonstrate their ways of controlling anger he inadvertently discovers his own personal way of dealing with it.

Well written by Linda Urban and Colorfully illustrated by Henry Cole, this charming story provides a wonderful opportunity to spark a simple discussion about anger management and ways of dealing with it.
Ages 3 to 6         (click picture for USA orders
or the text link below for Canadian orders)

Mouse Was Mad

Cool Down
and Work Through Anger

"Commissions Earned"

A story of a young boy who vividly describes his feelings of anger and frustration when things don't go his way or can't do or have something he wants.  He learns that losing his temper or holding his feelings in can only cause more anger and hurt.

After learning it's alright to feel angry he discovers many peaceful ways to work through his emotions by self-calming techniques, patience, forgiveness and respect for others.

One in the "Learning to Get Along" series by free spirit publishing, written by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed. and colourfully illustrated by Meredith Johnson.
This series is excellent for anyone working with children. There are activities for teachers as well as numerous strategies parents can use to guide their children in understanding, processing and resolving anger.
Suggested ages 4 To 8      (click picture for USA orders
or the text link below for Canadian orders)

Cool Down and Work Through Anger: Learning to Get Along

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