Bullying Articles and
Helpful Resources for Parents

By: Stephen Walton

In the following compilation of bullying articles we endeavour to provide parents with answers to the following questions;

1) What does bullying mean?
2) What are the different types of bullying?
3) Why do kids bully?
4) What motivates these bullies?
5) What are the effects of bullying?
6) How does it affect your own child?
7) What are the responsibilities of our schools in combating bullying?
8) What can parents do to protect their child from a bully?

As bullying is an extremely complex topic many websites are devoted specifically to this important issue.  The aim of our articles presented here is to provide a general understanding of bullying among children, and to recommend some excellent resources for further investigation.    

Combating bullying must be a combined effort for children, parents, teachers, school boards, coaches, counselors, and anyone working with children in a leadership capacity.     

...in our attempt to stomp out bullying, we must be vigilant in recognizing its signs, take a proactive approach to its eradication, and ensure our efforts are genuine and not perceived as smoke screen propaganda.   

I hope these bullying articles provide insight and realization that bullying is an extremely serious matter. Its affects can be devastating and any child can become a target of bullying… including your own

Our Bullying Articles

Understanding Different Types of Bullying
and Teasing vs. Taunting

Learn more about the types of bullying, and why it's important for parents to understand the difference between teasing and taunting. Read about it here...

Understanding Physical Bullying
of School Aged Children

Learn more about these physical bullies, why they behave as they do, who is susceptible to their wrath, and what are some of the ramifications for the victims. Read about it here...

Understanding Emotional Bullying in Children

In this article we define emotional bullying and explain some of the tactics used by the perpetrator.  The anatomy of an emotional bully and why they behave as they do, along with some factual statistics. Read about it here...

The Best Anti-Bullying Resources

for Parents & Teachers

... and Anyone Working with Children

Check out our list of anti-bullying resources that provide guidance and advice for handling bullying situations, developing respect, conflict resolution skills, anti-bullying programs, and transforming a school bullying culture to one of empathy and action.

These innovative resources will assist students, parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, and anyone working with children. Click Here for Resources

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