Types of Parenting Styles

By Stephen Walton © 2012

What Are the Different Types of Parenting Styles
Why is it Important that You Know?

Many articles on different types of parenting styles have been written over the years and the following four basic styles have stood the test of time in guiding parents in understanding their own parental role and responsibilities.

Once you have a clear understanding of the different styles, it will be easier to define your own strategy that fits with your personal value system.

As you read through these different types of parenting styles, think of yourself and what style you seem to exercise. You may recognize a style of a friend or other parent you know. Most parents find themselves to be a mixture of a couple of different styles.

What fits for one parent or child may not necessarily be right for another.

I have pruned through a vast amount of information to provide you with a general understanding of the topic.

Four Basic Parenting Styles and Their Origin

The renowned clinical and developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind in the mid 1960s studied the effects of parenting techniques and determined different types of parenting styles could be grouped into three categories.

Forward 50 years, these same categories still exist today:

Authoritarian, Authoritative and Permissive.

The theory was later expanded by Maccoby & Martin(1983) to include;

Uninvolved, (also known as Neglectful Parenting)

Baumrind's studies were based on whether parents were either "High" or "Low" on the following two elements of parenting:

Parental Responsiveness

This refers to the degree in which the parent is responsive and supportive of the child's needs and demands.


  • The warmth and nurturing aspect of child-rearing
  • The degree of affectionate interaction
  • Interest in the child's daily activities
  • The fostering of individuality and self regulation
  • Consideration for the child's personal feelings
  • Respect for the child's point of view

Parental Demandingness

This refers to the degree of parental control and expectations of more mature and responsible behaviour from a child.


  • The discipline and punishment approach used
  • Amount of monitoring of the child's behaviour and activities
  • Communication techniques applied

The Four Parenting Styles Defined

Authoritarian Parenting Style

"Authoritarian Parenting" is an extremely strict form of parenting that expects a child to adhere to rules and regulations set out by the parents with little to no input and communication from the child... Continue reading about:
"The Authoritarian Parenting Style"

Authoritative Parenting Style

"Authoritative parenting" is one that communicates in a warm, accepting and nurturing manner, while maintaining firm expectations and restrictions on their children's behaviour... Continue reading about:  "The Authoritative Parenting Style"

Permissive Parenting Style (also referred to as Indulgent)

"Permissive Parenting" is an extremely relaxed approach where parents are generally warm, nurturing and affectionate. However, they are overly accepting of their children's behaviour, good or bad...Continue reading about:
"The Permissive Parenting Style"

Uninvolved Parenting Style (also called Neglectful)

"Uninvolved Parenting", as the name implies, the parent is totally disengaged and emotionally uninvolved in their child's life. There is little, if any expression of love and affection...Continue reading about:
"The Uninvolved Parenting Style"

Defining Your Own Parenting Style

Now that you have a general understanding of the different parenting styles, you will find it easier to recognize your own parenting techniques and what can be done to achieve different results.

To get a clear understanding of "Positive Parenting" and guidance in defining your own style...

Click on the article below.

The Positive Parenting Style

Learn to guide your children to a happy, successful and fulfilling life, built on sound principles and values through positive parenting strategies....Continue reading about: "Positive Parenting"

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