A Positive Parenting Style

By Stephen Walton

How to Make Your Parenting Pleasurable

     The implementation of a well defined "Positive Parenting Style" at an early stage is the key ingredient for creating a positive, loving and harmonious family relationship.

You will also have a tremendous amount of positive influence over your child's personality and character traits by defining and modeling personal and family core values.

Note* If you have not yet read our definition of "positive parenting"…we suggest you read it first, before continuing here.

Creating Your Own
Positive Parenting Style

By defining and applying your own "Positive Parenting Style" you will:

  • Provide a "Road Map" on the most exciting journey of your life
  • Proactively, prepare yourself for those "Road Blocks" that inevitably emerge
  • Create an inner "Peace & Calm" in your parental mannerism
  • Develop and "Garner Respect" from your children
  • Provide a "Sense of Control" in your parenting strategy

Most importantly...

By: "Walking Your Talk"… you will ingrain the most important asset you can develop in your children:

    ... "A Positive Attitude"

Where Do You Begin?

To define your own "Positive Parenting Style", it's really quite simple. It just takes a little time to plan and create a clear vision of what type of parent you want to be, and family relationships you wish to develop.

If you feel odd writing out a plan, at the very least you must have a clear understanding of your parenting style and family value system that will

guide all your parenting decisions.

Unfortunately, many people spend more time on planning backyard barbeques, parties and vacations than planing:

--"Parenting Strategies"--

Not intentionally, or out of neglect, some parents simply don't realize the degree of influence parenting style has on their children.

Many parents, particularly new ones, are unaware different types of parenting styles have even been identified.

All too often parents just wing it as they go, changing direction on the fly as problems arise, hoping for the best.

    "This is a huge mistake!"….

You are like a ship without a rudder, sailing aimlessly through the "Waters of Parental Fog and Uncertainty", with no clear destination.

Begin With the End in Mind

Most of my decisions in life have been deeply rooted in the philosophies of Stephen Covey and his theory of "The 7 Habits."

By practicing habit #2 "Begin with the end in mind," he underlines the importance of planning ahead and visualizing the end result of any endeavour you put your mind to.

"In the family culture this signifies a need to define your family values, decide what kind of family you really want to be and identify the principles that will get you there."

I truly believe in the following view point of Stephen Covey...

"Without having a family vision or purpose, you will just let life happen and be swept along with the flow of society's values. It's simply living out the scripts that have been given to you. In fact, it's really not living at all; it's being lived."

Parenting Tips to Get You Started

By following the many different links throughout our site, you will find a multitude of parenting tips, ideas and strategies that will support your efforts in defining your "Positive Parenting Style" and implementing "Positive Discipline Strategies".

    To start…

1) Bookmark our site.

2) Get yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, a pen and paper, sit back, relax. Enjoy our many parenting tips as you explore our site...

The First Indisputable Step to Getting the Things You Want Out of Life


"Deciding What You Want"

--Ben Stein--

On your journey, consider some of the following questions as a general guide in determining what is truly important to you in defining your own "Positive Parenting Style"

About Yourself:

  1. What is "Most Important" to me in life?
  2. What are my "Personal Beliefs & Core Values"?
  3. How will I maintain a "Positive Attitude"?

About Your Child:

  1. What kind of person do I want my child to be, upon adulthood?
  2. What "Character Traits" do I want to instill in my child?
  3. How will I instill a "Positive Attitude" in my child?
  4. What "Positive Discipline" strategies will I practice?

About Your Family as a Unit:

  1. Why is my family so important to me?
  2. What exactly are our "Family Values"?
  3. How will I encourage "Family Unity"?

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