The Power of Kindness

By Stephen Walton

Transforming Your Life
Through The Power of Kindness

It seems selfish to even consider what the power of kindness can do for us.

Do we actually exercise acts of kindness for the sake of ourselves?…

Of Course Not...

...We do it solely for the benefit of others

True authentic kindness comes from the heart. It is not self-serving, it is ignited through love, caring and compassion for others and expects nothing in return.

However, the by-products of sincere acts of kindness are plentiful, to both giver and receiver.

When you are kind to someone, even a gesture as simple as holding a door open, a warm smile to a stranger, a kind word or positive remark, your whole physiology changes.

It doesn't matter, the extent of kindness, big or small…

if you were to make a conscious assessment at the moment you bestowed any act of kindness, you would feel a sense of peace and warmth in your heart, a genuine sense of caring and compassion for the other person...

...a spiritual awakening of your soul.

On the other hand, the receiver of such kindness experiences a sense of gratitude, appreciation, friendliness, joyfulness, respect and genuine thankfulness.


Amazing to think such a small gesture or simple smile can enhance a persons day in such a profound way.

You never know what kind of day that person is having. You may just make their day a whole lot nicer.

We know how a yawn can be contagious...

But "A Smile" even more so... try it and see what happens.

A Smile Poem

"Watch... the following video, if it doesn't portray a message of true compassion and empathy for others, then...nothing else will."  

With award winning credit given to the wonderful producer and actress:

   ...Sharon Wright 

"Change for A Dollar"

A Simple Truth About Kindness

The great Mac Anderson, founder of "Simple Truths" in his book entitled "The Power of Kindness" quotes Aldous Huxley, (a pioneer in the study of philosophy)

"The #1 thing that can transform your life is: Just be a little kinder."

How can that be?…

Kindness and compassion are the principle things that make our lives meaningful.

Although we don't often think about it, the truth is that these qualities are our primary source of joy and happiness.


Because these are the qualities from which so many other positive qualities flow such as: honesty, forgiveness, patience and generosity.

"These qualities are the foundation of a good heart, and with a good heart…a good life will follow."

"It really is that simple."

"Simple Truths" are an affiliate member of our site.

Click the link below: to watch the 3 minute video on "The Power of Kindness"

You will defiantly love this movie

"Commissions Earned"

" Kindness is more important than wisdom,

and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom."

- Theodore Isaac Rubin, MD -

The Health Benefits of Kindness

The world respected transpersonal psychologist Piero Ferrucci is well versed on the health benefits of living a life of care and compassion for others.

He points out that kindness derives its purpose from itself.

"The true benefit of kindness is being kind. Kindness gives meaning and value to our life, raises us above our troubles and our battles and makes us feel good about ourselves."

Giving kindness does as much good as receiving it. Kind people are healthier and live longer, are more popular and productive, have greater success in business and are happier than others.

In other words, Piero says; "Kind people are destined to live a more interesting and fulfilling life and much better equipped to face a world that has become cold, anxious, difficult, and frightening."

Piero Ferrucci has written a compelling book on this subject, a great read for anyone wishing to foster good human qualities leading to a more meaningful, happier and peaceful life.

The book is appropriately titled: "The Power of Kindness" - The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life.

Inner Happiness and Peace

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