Our Top 10
Tips On Good Parenting

By Stephen Walton

You will find many tips on good parenting throughout our site. We consider the following to be the most important.

A Positive Attitude is Everything

Raising good children is not difficult unless you expect it to be. The trials and tribulations encountered in parenting should be viewed as opportunities to learn and grow, both as a person and as a parent.

Your parenting journey will be a series of lessons in which you will need both an open mind and an open heart to recognize.

How you perceive your parenting challenges will reflect your attitude at any given time, (positive or negative).

The attitude you choose, will determine your success or failure as a parent.

You choose your own attitude in life...

no one else.

Your child will follow your lead, make the right choice now... for both of you.

Trust me when I say this… it cannot be stressed enough...

A "Positive Attitude" toward everything in life, particularly in your pursuit of raising good children, will be your most important asset ever acquired.

Of all the "tips on good parenting" you will encounter throughout our website, the adherence to Tip #1 "Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude" will pay the hugest dividends for years to come."

You will notice, the remaining nine tips on good parenting, also stem from the roots of "A Positive Attitude"

Our Top Ten
"Good Parenting Tips"

Tip #1

    "Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude"
    Attitude is everything, a main cornerstone in building a happy and successful family life.

Tip #2

    "Develop A Sense Of  Humour"
    Trust me, it will be your savior many times over.

Tip #3

    "Love Your Children Unconditionally"
    They make mistakes too, they need your love and acceptance, especially when they least deserve it.

Tip #4

    "Strive For Excellence"  (not perfection)
    Be the best you can be in all your parenting endeavours. Don't be afraid to make mistakes (and you will), after all, you are human, it's how you learn.

Tip #5

    "Be There For Your Children"
    Listen to them, support them, coach them, mentor them. They need guidance, encouragement, and praise more than instruction.

Tip #6

    "Be Wise To Your Values"
    Truly understand what is important to you in life, and passionately articulate your family values.

Tip #7

    "Be A Good Role Model"
    Your children mirror what they see and hear from you, most importantly what they see, so... "Walk Your Talk"

Tip #8

    "Plan Your Parenting Strategy"
    Be proactive, visualize and keep the big picture in mind.

Tip #9

    "Find Balance In Your Life"
    Prioritize your life, putting family first. Maintain optimal physical and mental health. Manage stress (yes, it can be done).

Tip #10

    "Count Your Blessings"
    Appreciate your children and your family life for what it is. Never take your life for granted, savour every precious moment.


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