The Best Parenting Books
on Assorted Topics

By Stephen Walton

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Best Parenting Book Categories

Best Parenting Books on
Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline Series

The distinguished child therapist and educator Jane Nelsen is one of our favourite authors on the subject of positive discipline.

"Commissions Earned"

  Her firm but kind approach is one to be modeled by any parent wishing to raise children in a warm nurturing manner.

Most of Jane's material has been expressively written for both parents and teachers.

An outstanding collection of well written, easy to understand discipline strategies for any parent or teacher.

She offers CD & DVD versions of her products and offers positive discipline training courses as well.

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The Everything Parents Guide to
Positive Discipline

"Commissions Earned"

A wonderful parenting guide from infants to teens. Loaded with sound advice in a wide range of subjects. This book has lots of wonderful insight for parents looking to better understand positive discipline.

In my opinion it suggests a slightly more authoritative role than Jane Nelsen's approach, however it is a great read produced by:
(The Everything Series) written By:  Ellen Bowers, PhD

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The Everything Parent's Guide to Positive Discipline: A constructive approach to raising a kind, cooperative, and respectful child

Children The Challenge

"Commissions Earned"

This is probably one of the most influential books on parenting derived from the fundamentals of Adlerian psychology.  Its philosophy has been referenced and recommended by most professionals that advocate the principles of positive discipline.  

It provides insightful knowledge in understanding your child's environment and the psychological mechanisms involved in motivating their behaviour.  

The method of punishment and rewards are explored with the potential hazards revealed.  Elimination of power struggles, positive communication, making choices and living with the consequences are just a few of the many topics covered. 

It is an easy read and real eye opener.  Each chapter is short, to the point, and extremely enlightening.

A must-read for any parent wishing to better understand their child and build a strong lasting relationship.

It is by far one of the best parenting books I have read to date.

Written collaborately by: Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D. and Vicki Soltz, R.N.

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Children: The Challenge: The Classic Work on Improving Parent-Child Relations--Intelligent, Humane, and Eminently Practical

Kids Are Worth It
(Giving Your Child The Gift Of Inner Discipline)

American                   Canadian
        (Two  Editions)

"Commissions Earned"

In this enlightening book Barbara Coloroso categorizes parenting philosophy in three styles she refers to as Jellyfish, Brick-wall, and Backbone parenting. 

While avidly promoting Backbone parenting throughout the book she differentiates the three styles exposing the negative consequences of Jellyfish and Brick-wall parenting.

Using a broad range of subject matter she articulates the benefits for parents to empower their children, not control them, and teach them how to think not what to think.

Building a positive self-esteem by instilling responsibility, integrity, and developing problem solving skills are a key focus in her parenting strategy.

The book is loaded with sound practical advice and is a must-read for any parent regardless or their child's age.

Her strategy is synonymous with the positive philosophy we strongly promote throughout our site.

Authored by:  Barbara Coloroso

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newer 2010 edition that is sold in Canada only

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Best Parenting Books on
Positive Communication

How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen
 Listen So Your Kids Will Talk

"Commissions Earned"

This exceptionally well written book will assist any parent in building a positive relationship with their child. The authors focus on active and empathic listening skills that are so important in building trust and respect in family relationships.

The consequences of praise are explored in detail with recommended strategies for the most positive and effective approach to use.

Parents will learn to cope with, and teach their children how to deal with negative feelings of frustration, anger, and disappointment. 

Alternatives to punishment, and the promotion of self discipline are high in their parenting strategy, as are maintaining goodwill and cooperation.

This book does a wonderful job of articulating how good, positive communication is the foundation to a strong family relationship.

Along with suggested exercises to perform, it is laced with cute cartoons for a visual perception and pleasurable read.

The lessons learned from this book will enhance your overall communication skills in all areas of your life.

Pick up a copy today and enrich your communication skills, and your life. 

Authored by:  Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

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Best Parenting Books on
Understanding Your Child

Middle School MATTERS
The 10 Key Skills Kids Need to
Thrive in Middle School and Beyond-
and How Parents Can Help

"Commissions Earned"

Phyllis Fagel, a psychotherapist, a certified school councelor and author of this book, explains that the part of the child’s brain that handles executive functioning and decision making (the Prefrontal cortex), is still developing. In fact, she clarifies it’s not fully developed until age 25. Until that time, they continue to require grounded and constructive parental guidance.

The author indicates the middle school years are a time of incredible growth. Parents need to understand and accept their child will inevitably make mistakes and missteps. It’s important to guide them in using these setbacks as learning tools.

Phyllis does an exceptional job enlightening parents on how middle school is a “stew of simmering hormones”, shifting relationships and increased expectations.

Your child is changing physically, intellectually, morally, socially, and emotionally. It can be an extremely challenging time as they attempt to form their own identity while at the same time navigating their position in the social hierarchy.

Today’s parents are confronted with complex issues of cell phone use, screen time, and social media apps that were not prevalent in previous parental generations. It can be mind boggling for parents to keep up with this fast moving technological world their child lives in today.

As parents, how do we learn to deal with it all?…

In this informative book, Phyllis does an outstanding job reassuring parents their endeavour does not need to be stressful. Her personal and professional expertise go a long way in guiding them with positive and comforting strategies that build strength, respect, and integrity in their parent-child relationship.  

Instead of merely helping your child to survive these years, she suggests many ways to set them up to thrive by learning to self regulate their emotions, negotiate conflict, advocate for themselves, and make responsible, healthy, and ethical choices.

She stresses the importance of communication and suggests wonderful ways to build trust, honesty, and respect in your relationship. She emphasizes the need to guide and support children during these critical years.

Her book covers it all - media literacy, issues of sexting, cell phone etiquette, online security, and the extreme importance of leaving a positive digital footprint, something children don’t always consider.

It also covers gossip, bullying, relational aggression, positive communication about sex, sexual identity, pornography, and respect and compassion in intimate relationships. There is even a chapter devoted to preparing your child for love.

There are chapters on finding balance between school and social life, guidance with struggling academics, ADHD and behavioural issues. Developing leadership skills, resilience and autonomy in your child are also covered. 

The book is loaded with personal narratives of student issues shedding light on the many struggles they face. It is followed up with encouraging solutions for students and parents alike. There are wonderful strategies suggested to help children minimize stress and control their anxiety that is so widespread in young children today.

It also provides parents with a glimpse into the rapidly changing work world and suggests ways to guide your child on a path to success.

The book is laid out in uniform and easy to navigate chapters, each one beginning with “Key Skills” covered, ending with “Top Tips For Parents & Conversation Starters.”

There are also “Ideas for Educators” scattered throughout the book.

The book concludes with a wonderful thought provoking discussion guide for parents and educators as well.

To summarize this book in just a few words, I would have to say:

....“It is a Masterpiece, a real Gem that provides practical tools to help anyone who reads it!”

Phyllis articulates her wisdom in layman’s terms, beginning with the distinctly fitting name of the book through to the comprehensive resource section at the end.
The strategies advised in this book are strongly aligned with the Positive Parenting Style advocated throughout our website.

I personally suggest it is a must-read if you are a parent with a child aged 10 to 14…. the earlier the better in order to proactively prepare yourself.

Every late elementary scool teacher should have this book in their professional  toolbox for frequent reference.

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Middle School Matters: The 10 Key Skills Kids Need to Thrive in Middle School and Beyond--and How Parents Can Help

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

"Commissions Earned"

A fascinating look into a child's perception.  An excellent parental resource for truly understanding how your child sees the world and why they think the way they do.

By looking at the world through the eyes of your child you will learn to detect and decode their troubling thoughts and misconceptions.

The author navigates through many milestones your child may encounter and demystifies what is often seen as unusual and confusing behaviour.

Armed with a new sense of awareness your parenting approach will become much more enlightening, understanding and empathetic.

The topics are too numerous to cover here. Although it was written in 1999, the subject matter and philosophy are all pertinent in today's often confusing  world… from toddlers to teens.

I highly recommend this book, another must-read for any parent.
Written By: Barbara F. Meltz

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Reading to Your Children

     The Read-Aloud Handbook

"Commissions Earned"

This book is a real Gem...

For an in-depth understanding of the importance of reading aloud to your children, pick up a copy of Jim Trelease's book.

Learn the tricks and techniques of reading aloud to truly capture your child's full and undevided attention.

Awaken their imagination, improve language skills, and motivate a love and desire for life long reading.

It is an excellent resource for parents and teachers, there is a "Treasury of Read-Alouds" with 120 pages of suggested readings.                 

This is the seventh and final revised addition of the best selling classic.

By: Jim Trelease

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 Inspirational Reading for Parents

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Enjoy our selection of fun and inspirational reading for parents.

Books On Bullying

  Bullying Is Not A Game
(A Parents Guide To Survival)

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"Commissions Earned"

A heart-rendering story of a beautiful, kind, loving 12 year old girl named Amanda forced to endure many agonizing years of relational bullying. 

For Amanda, the social out-casting, exclusion, and threats on her life precipitate a horrible battle with anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors, and severe depression that cut deep into her soul, leading to recurrent thoughts of suicide.

The book chronicles the distress and mental anguish endured by Amanda, leading to her eventual diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The negative effects and toll it takes on all members of her loving and supportive family are also revealed in the book. 

In collaboration with Julie Christiansen,  Amanda's mother Laurie Flasko does an outstanding job articulating the hard lessons learned from her struggles navigating countless obstacles in the educational system.

This book is loaded with concrete advice for parents with a child faced with a bullying situation, how to advocate for their child, along with suggested game plans to enact within the school system.

This book is a real eye opener where parents will become informed with a deep understanding of the traumatic effects bullying can have on the entire family.

'Bullying Is Not A Game' covers the heeling process, relationship recovery, rebuilding confidence and the return to a sense of security for the victim.

It has an extensive resource section for child and family support, along with many suggested internet resources. 

This exceptionally informative book will greatly assist parents, teachers, and  school administrators in promoting joint responsibility in the creation of anti-bullying initiatives.

Extremely well written by Laurie Flasko and Julie Christiansen, M.A.

Pick up a copy of this book and read it before your child becomes a victim of bullying.

 Bullying Epidemic
(Not Just Child's Play)

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"Commissions Earned"

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The author presents a compelling case to back her personal opinion that kids bullying is mostly an adult problem, about 80% while 20% rests with our kids.

The book encourages adults to walk their talk, shed excuses, step up to their responsibility and take a moral leadership role in setting standards of respect for all, by all.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on early intervention as a key element in bullying prevention.

A team approach among parents, teachers and all school personnel is strongly advocated, with the promotion of self-respect at the forefront. 

An excellent perspective on the pros & cons of bullying laws is presented.

'Bullying Epidemic' offers a multitude of tools and guidance for parents and teachers to help children develop social skills, conflict resolution strategies,  stress management skills, along with methods for developing emotional intelligence.

This extremely talented author, Lorna Blumen is an educational consultant and bullying prevention specialist in Toronto, Ontario.

Lorna is also co-author of "Girls' Respect Groups: An Innovative Program To Empower Young Women & Build Self-Esteem!"

The Girls’ Respect Groups Program, for young women ages 10-18, is used in 130 countries worldwide.

I enthusiastically recommend this book. It is a must-read for all parents, teachers, coaches, counselors and anyone working with children.

(What every parent, teacher and kid needs to know
about ending the cycle of bullying)

USA Orders

"Commissions Earned"

Canadian Orders

The author shares the story of her daughter Katie's taunting at school, which was initially caused by her using a Star Wars drinking bottle.

Confused and concerned for Katie she set out on a pursuit for answers and understanding. The findings through her extensive research eventually led to the writing of this extremely informative book. 

The book helps to distinguish bullying from light teasing, covers the many different reasons why children bully, and why witnesses (bystanders) don't want to get involved.

There is a compilation of stories about bullying situations, along with steps that were taken in handling each situation.

It offers some wonderful advice for guiding your child in turning around a bullying situation.  Cyberbullying, sexting, and sexual harassment are also covered in the book.

The author does a wonderful job expounding the responsibility of both the media and educational system.  It outlines how parents can assist in creating an environment less likely to produce bullies by developing a community willing to stand up for the victims.

Also included is an appendix of bully proofing strategies and character education for schools to contemplate.

An excellent resource for teachers, parents and anyone working with children.

Hats-off to Carrie Goldman, author of this compelling and well written book.

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